Company Profile

Company Profile

ECMOHO is one of China’s leading integrated solution providers in the rapidly growing non-medical health and wellness market.


Company Overview

As an integrated solution provider, we act as the bridge between brand owners and Chinese consumers by marketing and distributing health supplements and food, mother and child care products, personal care products, household healthcare equipment and other health and wellness products. Through several years of operation, we have built up an ecosystem where Chinese consumers are provided with customized health and wellness solutions that include quality products and trustworthy content. We ranked first in China’s non-medical health and wellness integrated solution industry in terms of revenue in 2018 with a market share of 2.6%, according to Frost & Sullivan.


Our Ecosystem

We have developed an ecosystem comprising consumers, brand partners, distributors, retailers and content generators. In our ecosystem, we provide consumers with quality health and wellness products and trustworthy health and wellness content.

  • To brand partners:

Portal into a broad customer population, market insights gained from extensive touchpoints, tailored marketing solutions and fulfillment support.

  • To consumers:

Personalized health and wellness solutions comprising quality and authentic health and wellness products, trustworthy health and wellness content and customized health and wellness recommendations.

  • To distributors and retailers:

Reliable supplies of quality health and wellness products, consumer education and fulfillment support.

  • To content generators:

Convenient platform for content generation and distribution, feedback collection and traffic direction.


Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of consumers in China. We strive to achieve our mission by empowering consumers with access to quality products and trustworthy content to better address their health and wellness needs and those of their families.

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