Zoe Wang
Co-Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer,Director

Zoe Wang currently serves as our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Prior to taking on this role,Ms. Wang had 18 years’ experience in marketing and e-commerce retail management with companies such as Shanghai Pingchengjingjie Advertising Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Yiheng Advertising Co. Ltd. Ms. Wang holds an associate degree in traditional Chinese medicine from Wuhu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a business qualification from Changjiang Business School.

Leo Zeng
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Director

Leo Zeng currently serves as our Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Zeng has extensive experience in sales and marketing over 15 years in multiple industries. Mr. Zeng also has broad managerial skills, gained from his time as a co-founder and general manager of Hydrotech Marine & Offshore Technology Co. Ltd. Mr. Zeng holds a bachelor of marine engineering management degree from Dalian Maritime University, and a master of business administration degree from Fudan University.

Richard Wei
Chief Financial Officer

Richard Wei currently serves as our Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining us, Mr. Wei gained extensive experience as a chief financial officer, having worked in this position for over 15 years at companies such as Shanda Games, Spreadtrum Communications, Silicon Motion Technology Corporation, Kong Zhong Corporation and ASE Test Limited. Mr. Wei also held various roles at companies such as IBM, Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers. Mr. Wei holds a bachelor of science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a master of business administration degree from Cornell University.

Daniel Wang
General Manager – New Business, Director

Daniel Wang currently serves as our General Manager – New Business. Mr. Wang has served in various leadership roles since our beginning. He is currently in charge of our health supplements and food division,household healthcare equipment division, global business development and the management of new business.Mr. Wang has over nine years of experience in e-commerce and retail operations, and over seven years of experience in e-commerce management. Mr. Wang holds a bachelor degree in engineering management from Tongling University.

Guangbin You
General Manager – XG Health

Guangbin You currently serves as our General Manager – XG Health and is responsible for the development of our offline business strategy. Mr. You has extensive sales, marketing and management experience. Prior to joining us, Mr. You worked for Wuhan Jiangmin Pharmaceutical Group for nearly 20 years, including nine years as National Sales Director and two years as General Manager – Marketing. Mr. You holds a bachelor of commerce degree in economy and trade from the Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.

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