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ECMOHO 618 Analysis: the Overall Trend of "Comprehensive Health" in Consumer Products

Jun 30, 2021

SHANGHAI, China, June 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ECMOHO Limited (Nasdaq: MOHO) (“ECMOHO” or the “Company”), a leading integrated solutions provider in the health and wellness market in China, is pleased to announce that on June 18th it held a sales event, ECMOHO 618, focusing on the growing trend and concept of “comprehensive health” in consumer health products.

With the ongoing pandemic of the past two years, consumers have become more aware of health issues and health related consumption. They are discovering additional health needs and investing more in health and wellness. They are also demanding a wider variety of health products, to include supplements, nutrition, rehabilitation, skincare, and overall health. The concept of health consumption has been redefined to cover comprehensive “exquisite healthcare products” that benefit the entire body, from “head to toe”, “internal to external”.

During the sales event, ECMOHO combined worldwide resources and collaborated with top domestic and foreign brands to introduce high-quality health products. The Company also implemented multiple strategies to increase store traffic and sales, such as new service models and expanded marketing and sales channels that include live-streaming on social platforms such as Douyin, cooperation with key opinion leaders (KOLs) such as celebrity Liu Tao, and content interaction. The event also attracted many young consumers and allowed the Company to gather richer and more diversified consumer and sales data which helped ECMOHO reach more targeted audiences and higher sales conversion through offering high-demand items.

With ECMOHO 618 sales event in dozens of flagship stores on Tmall,, and other e-commerce platforms, the Company had a strong start, with many categories and brands in high demand. People bought a variety of supplements that focus on prevention of heart failure and arrhythmia, strengthening of immunity and vitality, and anti-oxidation and anti-aging. Through innovative marketing and social media promotions, ECMOHO empowered many well-known domestic and foreign brands, such as Puritan's Pride, Harbin Pharmaceutical, Wyeth, Nestlé, among others, to achieve sales during the event.

“Based on user feedback from ECMOHO 618, our understanding of consumer spending on healthcare products has become more comprehensive and refined. In the medical health area, the focus is on establishing convenience and routine. Supplements such as Puritan’s Pride CoQ10 and Harbin Pharmaceutical’s iron and B12 Puxue Oral Liquid have become increasingly popular due to acceleration in pace of work and life and the rapid awakening of people’s awareness about health management. For example, increasing stress, insomnia, and other sleep-related issues have driven the popularity of Puritan's Pride melatonin tablets. People want to maintain a level of melatonin that is comparable in younger individuals, to help the body adjust and restore circadian rhythm, which not only improve the quality of sleep, but more importantly the functional state of the entire body and the overall quality of life,” stated Ms. Zoe Wang, Chairman and CEO of ECMOHO.

“Judging from live feedback of the sales event, consumers not only pay attention to the quality and efficacy of health products, but also desire more "soft services, such as health-related knowledge and information sharing. ECMOHO relies on its professional teams for high-quality health information content to educate consumers, and utilizes platforms such as Douyin to share content to raise health awareness.”

ECMOHO successfully enabled many domestic and foreign health brands to create a comprehensive health-product promotional event through the use of digital supply chains and optimal sales strategies. The event not only boasted a series of marketing successes, but further strengthened brand recognition among a new generation of consumers, which will help health companies to create more innovative and personalized products in the future and to achieve increase brand influence and market share.

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