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ECMOHO Limited Achieves Single-Event Single-Brand Sales Volume of RMB 2.4 Million by Utilizing “Golden” Social Media Opportunity

Jul 30, 2021

SHANGHAI, China, July 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ECMOHO Limited (Nasdaq: MOHO) (“ECMOHO” or the “Company”), a leading integrated solutions provider in the health and wellness market in China, recently teamed up with famous Chinese actress Eva Huang to launch the live broadcast for a brand-new line of health equipment. Its flagship KGC DreamCloud Smart Massage Chair, with its powerful and comprehensive functions, attracted nearly 2 million users, and achieved a single-event, single-brand gross merchandise value (GMV) of RMB 2.38 million. With the general rise of interest-based social media, GMV of goods sold via Douyin in the past year increased 50 times year-over-year. Many of ECMOHO’s partnership brands gained market share and sales during the June “618” event this year.

With health equipment and small health appliances being sought-after by consumers worldwide, and with China becoming the fastest growing market for massage-related products, there is ample opportunity for health appliance makers. According to China Economic Net, from 2010 to 2020, China's massage appliance market grew from RMB 4.9 billion to RMB 14.8 billion. But despite strong demand for massage products, health appliance makers face a dilemma when looking for new growth opportunities. Due to market fragmentation and dispersion of consumers’ energy and attention, it is difficult for brands to find new target customers and convert these into sales. Fortunately, ECMOHO understands the needs of brand owners for marketing opportunities, and continuously seeks new channels for promoting health products to help partner brands achieve new growth objectives.

According to data from Timon Research Institute, in 2021, 27% of consumers will switch from graphic e-commerce to live-streaming shopping, and 34% of consumers are impulse buyers who made a purchase after seeing a live broadcast or a promotion by internet celebrities. The head of the Douyin business division at ECMOHO commented: “After marketing efforts on Douyin, we have gained a deeper understanding of traffic decentralization. ECMOHO focuses on a marketing strategy that targets various consumers and uses professional content that generates consumer interest, which then turns into consumption via the "viewing to interest to sales” approach. For example, utilizing live broadcasts by actress Eva Huang, the consumers’ decision-making process was shortened significantly for big-ticket item purchases. As our business on Douyin deepens, we expect that the gross merchandise value (GMV) of interest-based social media sales in 2021 will exceed RMB 30 million.Given the trend in social media e-commerce, ECMOHO’s business growth is expected to arise from two main areas. One is in providing business solutions via Douyin for existing core, mature partner brands; the other is supporting and nurturing new brands through Douyin’s strong brand promotion and innovation capability, to develop targeted content that will reach more consumers for new brands and products. We have already successfully helped Jiangzhong Food Therapy through a four-dimensional integrated approach, utilizing our in-house broadcasting team, talent matrix, marketing campaigns, and head key opinion leaders (KOLs) to help partner brands achieve sales explosion. In the future, we will replicate this model from existing users.”

Looking forward, ECMOHO will collaborate with more KOLs, and also rely on its own multi-channel network operation teams, to accelerate the promotion of IP-based and brand-effect private domain traffic for various health brands, including KGC medical instruments. This will propel ECMOHO to become one of the most influential live-broadcast sources for health products in China, and allow it to better help partner brands realize their goals of increasing brand awareness and recognition among Chinese consumers.

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